Rote learning is a memorization technique developed due to repetition of things. This kind of learning might save you sometimes and help you score good marks. But, that’s not all. What about the long term learning? What about actually understanding the logic and methology behind things? That sums up to zero!

Therefore, paying serious attention to clearing your concepts is essential. So here we are, making this process of learning easy for you. Once you know the concept, innovation becomes handy. You can use your imagination and knowledge to make new developments.

Last Minute Tutorials gives a detailed description about many major subjects. Very common algorithm design techniques like divide&conquer, greedy’s method, backtracking problems along with their practical applications like Prim’s, Kruskal, Travelling Salesperson, 15 puzzle, N-Queen are explained in an amazing way. Not just the algorithms, major important concepts of Theory of Computation and Advanced Databases have also been covered. We plan to do many more.

Each and every concept of the picked topic is covered. Besides, the topics thats are covered are also backed by realtime examples, which will enhance your thinking and problem solving skills.

Last Minute Tutorials has helped people learn and grow from many different parts of the country and also around the globe!